Archive | May 2016

Thought #109

The subconscious is perhaps a hidden garden beneath my mental field,
one in which lie many different kinds of seeds<
whose growth is triggered by assorted factors
leading to wants and needs.

The flowers that grow, the fruit they bear
I cannot know till they grow,
yet I must care and be aware
of the signs that do show.

Already I can till the fields
and grow that which I desire
satisfying wants and needs.

Or Perhaps,
my mind is a tree,
each leaf a thought,
falling down into the stream
carried by the current
past the rocks
where I sit
to observe them
as they go along.


(first whilst running, second from mindfulness meditation)


Thought #108

Sunny Days
can be
Happy Days
are Long Days
Bucketloads of Fun.

Funny Days
are always
Interesting Days
There Are Many Things
that can be Done.

Happy Days
can be
Any Day –
It’s up to Me
to find the Fun,
Yet I must not forget
that Sadness is not
something to be outrun.

In actual fact
each day
will come and go,
as do moods and feelings
changing like the weather
this I have come to know,
as I pilot my boat of being
through the sun, rain, fog or snow –
all part of the experience
this finite show.