Thought #107

Sitting on the pavement
thinking of workarounds outside my house door
recognizing that it is up to me to make this better, get it done
explaining to the person who pulled up to ask if I’m OK that I’m just “thinking”
seeing capillary tubes and patch clamps, thinking “if it can be done to cells then why not?”
sleeplessness, the gears constantly turning.


It’s a bit like a vice,
that tightens during the night,
releases during the day as I work on what needs to be done
to tighten again as I pedal home
Denies me the joy of weekends, training, fun
because part of me refuses to let things go undone.
Yet the other part feels I shouldn’t yield,
knows that there is always more
to be done.

Wheels will turn, progress be made
and when the time comes
I can rest in the shade,
take in the view
and then rise up
to start anew.


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