Archive | October 2015

Thought #102

Some things in life are like cheddar gorge – steep at first, but false flat later on, allowing you to exit at speed, whilst feeling good at what you’ve achieved.

Need more sleep.


Thought #101

And at times whilst wandering in my mind I stub my foot across a bump, which suddenly ruptures forth and turns into a mountain.

In cases like these it is best to drop all and hug onto the mountain, so as to have an excellent view.

Not being alone doesn’t mean I cannot go┬ásolo – just like randonneuring – at times I bounce forwards for a bit, and then regroup – maybe not on the same kilometre, but at a common point in time. And in those moments of solitude I can reflect and grow with regards to what I am doing and where I have been.

Thought #100

As I think of writing I glimpse words and phrases that arise from memory or thought processes – the key is grasping onto them before they slip away.

The more I do this the better I get at putting them together – for now I must, but later I shall have to decide.

Thought #99

Shifting sleep patterns,
tightened headspace
densified time
rarified light
that glares even during longest night.

Sleep to rise
rise to greet the day
come what may
flesh and steel
fused into one
life is like a fixed wheel
ever rolling, ever spinning
descents and climbs
the views are ever fine,
there is no need to track time

I don’t know where this path may go
but I do know
that it contains adventure
and can
lead to