Archive | September 2015

Thought #98

Solving problems is exceptionally delectable. Even if it’s just the gear shifting of my rear derailleur.

Great Views with Brilliant Backgrounds


Thought #97

Memories are possibly spatially bound,

locations revisited,

mental footage replayed,

a gamut of emotion

sometimes released in trickles

or waves.

Time passes.

Things change,

but some things

only slowly age.

Thought #96

Exoskeletons give formĀ and strength, but are readily moulted and replaced, so that internal structure can be developed further.

Mesocycles are like instars.

Thought #95

Today was Doors Open Day.

Everyday is Farrugia Open Day – open system, open mind, open face.

Revolutionary Washing Lines lead to improved Drying and hence possibly improved Quality of Life.

Thought #94

Time is better resolved when there is less of it or you do a variety of things in the same period.