Archive | June 2015

Thought #89

a) Many means of communication leads to even less words exchanged – people with pen and paper were better at keeping in touch.

b) Things appear from the blue, and then disappear once again.


Thought #88

I turned my life into a game when I stopped playing games.

Thought #87

Adverts, adverts, everywhere

and my mind doth quail.

Opinions, opinions, everywhere,

I drank too much of them

and now my mind is frail.

Thought #86

Minima and maxima both have the same gradient – the difference is how you get there.

Thought #85

Data processing is for machines.

Interpretation of results is for actual scientists.

Seems like I’m more of the first than the second,¬†which is not the way I intended it to be.

Time will come.