Archive | September 2014

Thought #69

Everything worth something is worth waiting for.

Screw that.

Everything worth something is worth working towards.


Thought #68

When it is hard to believe that something nice occurred out of the blue, it may be best to convince yourself that it was a hallucination.

Especially if it disappeared back into the blue afterwards.

Thought #67

The ideal triathlete suffers from short term memory loss in the span of a few hours.

Or else is just really good at compressing time.

Thought #66

Ideas are like seeds
and we are all gardeners
tending to each others fields.

Thought #65

Deinceps. Sursum. In Perpetuum

Thought #64

Assay Autopilot – both a blessing and a curse, develops after running numerous assays in a short timespan. Symptoms may include using whatever solution comes to hand for the assay, only to realize that it was meant to be a different one afterwards. May also lead to an alteration in time resolution – short duration assays make time seem fairly long, whereas longer runs make time seem shorter. Assay autopilot is exacerbated when tired or when the only thing you get to do is assays.

Thought #63

Fear is the Mind Killer.
Panic is the Thought Destroyer.

First Line taken from Dune by Frank Herbert