Thought #56

Dear Lady of Steel,
when we first met
I was doubtful
of your character
but oh,oh when we
first joined
on a plain afternoon,
you set every nerve alight.

Dear Lady of Steel,
I cannot tell you how I feel
when together we move as one.
Your soft whispers
soothe my ragged breathing,
bring joy to burning thighs.

Onwards, upwards, forever
incessant desire burning in my chest
lowering myself closer to your metal breast
in a bid to spit in god’s eye
or stupendously die.

Dear Lady of Steel
you are strong, fast, agile
trusting yourself in my hands,
as we climb up to Heaven
only to to descend again into Hell
where wouldst we go, if it were not for each other?

Dear Lady of Steel,
we are bound to one another
onwards, upwards, forever,
lest we rust and fall apart,
till breaketh thy frame
or my heart.



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