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Thought #61

The Fate of a Farrugia
till today was unknown
tucked away in the dark,
maybe best left alone.

The Fate of a Farrugia
is to leave family and home
to go to a foreign country
for the sake of pushing boundaries.

The Fate of a Farrugia
is to be alone
seeking the others everywhere
before heart turns to stone.

The Fate of a Farrugia
is to dream and plan,
and then set to realize it
with shackled hands,
or watch from a distance
the flowers that bloom
in other lands.

The Fate of a Farrugia
is to trust in others too much,
to say yes and commit
and then watch as everything
crumbles into dust.

The Fate of a Farrugia
is to cut through brick and butterfly
(like samurai)
yet take that which is broken
and make it whole.

The Fate of a Farrugia
is to build a wall of words
that encloses me
lest my thoughts be heard.

The Fate of a Farrugia
is to go far and beyond,
to run early in the morning
and stop to listen to birdsong.

The Fate of a Farrugia
is to travel far and wide
to realize every opportunity
for life is only a ride.

The Fate of a Farrugia
is to be mostly alone,
yet try to find a team.

The Fate of a Farrugia
is to endure/explore reality
in an attempt to be free.


Thought #60


Thoughts #58,#59

58: If Spiderman had never known Mary Jane, would his performance as a superhero have differed ?

59: Smartphones kill eye contact.

Thought #57

Data is to bridge, as results are to stars.

N.B: The greater the amount of data, and the better it’s quality, the sounder your bridge.

Thought #56

Dear Lady of Steel,
when we first met
I was doubtful
of your character
but oh,oh when we
first joined
on a plain afternoon,
you set every nerve alight.

Dear Lady of Steel,
I cannot tell you how I feel
when together we move as one.
Your soft whispers
soothe my ragged breathing,
bring joy to burning thighs.

Onwards, upwards, forever
incessant desire burning in my chest
lowering myself closer to your metal breast
in a bid to spit in god’s eye
or stupendously die.

Dear Lady of Steel
you are strong, fast, agile
trusting yourself in my hands,
as we climb up to Heaven
only to to descend again into Hell
where wouldst we go, if it were not for each other?

Dear Lady of Steel,
we are bound to one another
onwards, upwards, forever,
lest we rust and fall apart,
till breaketh thy frame
or my heart.