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Thoughts #53-55

53:  You can’t change the sea, but the sea will readily change you.


54:  Wants are like temporary dipoles that arise in the presence of agents that polarize your attention cloud, focusing it in one particular area. Stronger the polarizing agent, stronger the distortion, stronger the want.

Needs are more of a permanent distortion in attention cloud, that will alter your behaviour in the long and short-term, driving towards something in particular.

Preferably wants \neq needs.

Most needs are relatively basic. Think breathing.


55:  Relationships(x,y,z,t)


Thought #52

Living is like riding a fixed gear bike with stirrups.

There is no respite, be it whilst climbing hills or dropping down descents. You’re constantly engaged, so you might as well enjoy the ride, even if sometimes it leaves you short of breath or makes you want to throw up. You’ll survive and be the better for it. Steep climbs will become trivial, and you’ll make the most of the descents. 

Company is optional – the ride is mainly solo, although it’s mostly more fun when shared, assuming you can match cadence with that other person.

Thought #51

Onwards and upwards.
To the beyond and netherland
where nothing nothings make sense
and alcohol has no influence.




Thought #50

You don’t need to go outside to swim in the deeps, books can suffice.