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Thought #49







Thought #48

My heart beats within my chest
it has never stopped,
it knows no rest.
Because of this
I must give my best.

Thought #47

Some aspects of The Tourist Effect :

  • Girls (or guys) seem more attractive than those at home. 
  • Emotions can be more intense.
  • Spontaneity is easier, there’s less ties than back home. 
  • It’s easier to make conversation, because spontaneity is easier.
  • Time feels longer.

The Tourist Effect decays with length of stay. If you stay away for a sufficient duration then you can experience the Tourist Effect at home as well. Till it wears off.


Thought #46

In this world where everything seems certain

where stories can be confirmed or shot down

using the Google Machine

I choose to escape and run 

into Nature’s Green.


Thought #45

If the brain behaves like a muscle then it should be supplied with high quality protein during recovery.