Archive | April 2014

Thought #44

Lullabies for my insides.


Thought #43

The only judgement worth anything is that which we pass on ourselves.

Thought #42

A fast in and out coupled with laser like focus allows you to work like a ninja and enjoy the rest of your day.

Or get more done.

Thought #41

Late night sign-up sessions

lead to big changes.

Thought #40

Squatting down amongst the aisles of Sainsbury,
in search of your favourite canned beans,
you realize that you are partaking in a ritual that dates back to your first ancestors….


…”Foraging” for food.


Thought #39

Suddenly realize

Time is the only resource

At least not too late.

Thought #38

Sometimes I forget to take my sanity pills. That’s when the fun starts.