Thought #30

Over the past 24 hours you have pleased the Dark Gods sufficiently by offering numerous sacrifices. In return, you are allowed to choose a new ability that will allow you to fulfill their wishes (and provide more sacrifices) even faster.

You may choose only one of the following:

  • Teleportation with a +/- 5km error.
  • Flying at a fast speed (~150 km/hr).
  • A monstrous flying piranha which travels at moderate speeds (~70 km/hr)

The Dark Gods await your decision, mortal.


2 responses to “Thought #30”

  1. Ala says :

    So I have chosen, when will it start working? My life will be almost complete with that. 5 km is much closer than the usual distance from airports to the cities.

    Praise to the Dark Gods.

  2. thinkingfarrugia says :

    Sadly the Dark gods require that you sacrifice multiple goats as an administration fee for joining their Cult.

    Should you not be able to sacrifice multiple goats you may pay in Nectar Points.

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