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Thought #23

The Internal War is an Eternal War, hence Eternal Warriors can be satisfied..


Thought #22

Eternal Wars do not require Eternal Warriors, but do Eternal Warriors require Eternal War ?

Thought #21

There is no explanation as to where Bruce Banner gets all the protein and other nutrients for rapid muscle synthesis when transforming into the Hulk. 

Hypothesis: The Hulk’s green colour allows him to synthesize his own nutrients via photosynthesis

Thought #20

New way of measuring time – watch game trailers and realize that what you thought was new has been announced 6 months ago.

Thought #19

Thought #19

Proactis provides.

*Thoughts are in asterisks*

Thought #18

If you don’t have a TV for zoning out in front of, a laptop and a news feed are an ever better substitute.

Thought #17

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.” 



” He who works with machines should be careful that he does not become one.”