Archive | January 2014

Thought #9

Consume < Understand < Create

Moving from left to right is desirable.


Thought #8

Imagine the the ancient Greeks had access to blueprints for a single-speed bicycle.

Would they have been able to build a fully working example with the materials and technology of their time ?

Thought #7

Home is where the heart is.

This means that wherever I go, I am home.

Thought #6

If you want to re-calibrate your sense of time, run very hard, and then rest for a timed amount

You’ll appreciate every second.


Thought #5

There is nothing wrong with being human,

better warm flesh than hard cold steel.


There is nothing wrong with embracing reality

rather than losing yourself inside many dreams.

Thought #4

pH Ping Pong is caused when you add too much acid/base to your solution, and exceed the desired pH.

pH Ping Pong is countered by adding alternating and ever-decreasing amounts of acid and base until the desired pH is reached.

pH Ping Pong is somewhat tedious.

Thought #3

You can read and produce motivational quotes all you like, but in the end you’ve still got to get down and dirty with the work.